Courtney Pederson Bio

Documentaries Are The Stories That Change The World

It’s challenging being the youngest Pederson 

Even before I earned my degree in communications, I faced two forces.

Terry is a data-driven engineer. He looks at the math to find the facts in everything.

And David is all about the story. He believes in the power of words to change the world.

Now you know why I’m a videographer.

Video narrative combines the best of both of them.

There is nothing like video telling a story and getting people to trust themselves to make a change.

Documentaries are my passion. They mix both without trying to say more than is needed.

And they let me explore.

I love visual analysis. I think that is why I love documentaries. Or maybe it's just my Canadian roots showing. Eh?

I capture hours and hours of footage to see if a narrative is just really well-written hype or showing us something worth seeing.

I love looking at life from both a quantitative and a qualitative side. (I know it's not enough to hold to a high standard if you're the only one doing it.)

I guess I bring together both the guys in this place by using video to support their beliefs and need for proof.

My dads and I disagree about the "you can never have enough friends." approach they have.

I'm a "have a handful of good ones." kinda person. It makes for much more compelling visual storytelling.

Take a look at my videos, and you'll see what I mean.

That is the heart beating in our work and a fact I can use in every story.

That is the heart beating in our work and a fact I can use in every story.

Here you will find some of my work.

I hope I get to meet you and showcase your work too.