Finding Leads As Friends?

SaaS is learning what online education has known for sometime.

there are hamsters and turtles.

Growing Like a Hamster

There are businesses that grow fast because they work hard and fast. They start with the hard work of finding leads. 

They start with ads to help prospects discover them. Maybe it's for a newsletter, a demo, a free trial, a freemium, or a discount. Doesn’t matter really, as long as they can move the prospect to the sales lead list. 

Then they work hard again. In that sales list the prospect will be hit with an offer. Discounts become more important. Leads, when found, must become customers. 

When the lead agrees to the offer the sales team is almost done. They will support the customer as they move them to operations. That team will train the new customer to be a good user. 

Finally, when they have a paying user they get to coast - until the cancelation comes and the sales team realizes they don't remember them.

Then they start working hard again. Now the user is part of a churn ratio and there are only two solutions. Get them back or get more prospects.

The company doesn't make many real friends.

Growing Like a Turtle

Other businesses set a steady pace, looking at long-term instead of rapid growth. They build their companies to change the world and often  turn down investors who want to get in, get rich, and cash out. 

Finding leads takes a different kind of trajectory. It's like the Gulf Stream - a conveyor belt of continual currents changing with the earth and our impacts, shifting while maintaining a natural flow. 

These businesses use velvet ropes to gather prospects. They are like turtles swimming in a stream They don’t rush because each prospect is a potential friend. If handled right the prospect will grow the company client list with their friends, ones more likely to stay.  

They still offer fremium services, demos, and newsletters. But aren’t keen on sign-up discounts  to get new clients and don’t blast a megaphone for attention.

They approach prospects carefully and choose the ones that share values.  Once the prospect gets behind the velvet rope, they are courted. The process is much slower. Someone in the company gets to know them and the encounters between lead and company are more an exchange of interests - no decisions until both sides are sure. 

When they are sure, they become friends with  little intention of leaving. And they invite their friends to join them. The hard work stays up front - managing the velvet rope and staying with the stream like a California turtle.

They make friends.



For Turtles and Those Who Are Turning Turtle

Both hamsters and turtles have their place. I have some copywriting friends who love hamster wheels - they want the high buzz of adrenaline as they write more and more content faster and faster. 

We love turtles.  We do better work for them because they have more empathy. We are the kind of family that will enjoy an episode of Cheers or Friends. We read Dickens every Christmas because Fezziwig's parties make us feel good. 

The assets we build for you appeal to people who don't like being ATMs for hamsters. Our work has an empathy that connects with prospects, a conversational style that works over coffee, and a desire to help leads think about their choices.

 We make the sale, but we deal with churn up front by using a velvet rope before we start building new relationships for our client. Finding leads we can value as friends - much better.

We relate to the life of a turtle. You'll find more of them at Pederson Arts.  They are our friends.

David Pederson

Director of Copy Assets and Strategy

Are Pederson Arts Services Better?

We think so. Our best work is meant for businesses that make an impact. 

Businesses who want to get in the game now, get rich today, and sell-off tomorrow, won’t enjoy us.

Terry Pederson

Director of Data Science

We look for clients who enjoy being friends. We work harder for them anyway, because we only want to deliver our best to them.

Agents of change are our prospects. 

Courtney Pederson

Director of Videography

We are storytellers front and center. And we love building the right asset for that moment in the prospects journey. 

We want to be part of a world strives to be better than we are.

David Pederson

Director of Copy Assets and Strategy

How Did We Get This Way?  That's a real story.

We're North Americans -  proud of our Canadian heritage and our American roots.

And sometimes that means we see things differently. We became Pederson Arts in 2009 but the change in our views started much earlier, when American corporations in Canada found a creative way to make Ontario a better place and changed much of North America, Europe, and Japan in the process.

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