It’s easy to make claims When You Can prove them

Proof takes data and intelligence. Here’s how we do it. 

Claims steer people towards trust or doubt  

We Help You Prove Your Intention


Results matter. Whether you find them in trials, reports, reviews, or scientific studies, every claim depends on the quality of your research.

Every prospect needs to trust you before you're a friend..


That professional recognition you get from awards and certifications counts. 

So does the experts you use as gurus in your story. 

Prove your copy claims and you may end up with a friend.

Track Record

Like results, performance matters.  You need data to prove you are worth your lead's time and investment. 

You can discount prices to zero but without data on your performance, you'll fail.

There are four pillars in every data science project - four steps everyone must take

Done well, your data foundation will build trust and help a lead become a customer. 


Getting the Data

We start with small bites. Data is finicky and to find the data needed we ask only a single question.

We may have a set of questions we need to research but we never assume one set of data can answer them all. That data can have structure (come from a database or a data file) or no structure (a twitter comment or email conversation.) 

We test each set to determine what it can really do for us. There is no big magic data ball into which anyone can gaze.

If you hear differently, run. You’re wasting your money on data that will position you as a faker. 

financial analytics


Cleaning the Data

When we understand the dataset exploring the question we’re asking, we clean it.

Duplicates create bad statistics, poor matching can make one record into twenty. And so on.

We do the work to make sure your claims are sized correctly. 

map and laptop


Modeling the Data

With clean data, we can model the relations it can support.

Without this step you’ll see those weird things like “Did you know 30% of men who shave will require surgery for their menstrual cramps?”  

Right.  Again - Run!! And if you paid someone for that insight you deserve a refund. And tell your friends. 

hitting the target


Visualizing the Data

If the data can answer the question, is clean so stats are correct, and uses relationships to make it strong, your time as a trusted storyteller grows. 

Visualization is the part that is most fun.  And when you need some help we'll give you the model so you can do this on your own with confidence that your story matters. 

We all want to know visualizations are truthful. They build the narrative path to having customers become long-term friends.

Visualization is the fun part of every data proof. Getting there and building trust is the work of a storyteller who knows how to bring people back for more. 


visualizing data

We Make Sure Our Friends Get Tools To Extend Their New Copy Assets

We believe everyone should be comfortable with data science. We make our analysis yours.

After we’ve done the data work needed to tell your story, we’re happy to give you the clean data, the models, and the visualizations we used so that you can use them for new ideas. 

We’ll even teach you how to use them and provide integration instructions if you want.

Then your new friends can work with your live visualizations and see  you as the kind of company they want to support with their business.

Copy is as much about Proof as Persuasion 

Making friends is not easy and takes several steps if you want to change a prospect into a promoter. And it starts with trust. If you don’t have that you don’t have anything that will survive very long. 

Let us help you get over that hurdle. Then we can go on to build new copy assets to make new friends.

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