We build Copy Assets to
turn prospects into promoters
one step at a time

Below are three separate campaigns with assets in each step of the AIDA funnel. Check out how our assets bring your prosects along through Awareness, Interest, Decisions, and Action.


  • Campaign One - Follow the Dark Blue vertical for a compounding pharmacy sales program.
  • Campaign Two - Follow the Gold for an online training course.
  • Campaign Three - Follow the Light Blue for an internal remote worker preparation event. 

Integrate compounding into a medical practice

teach anyone data analysis

train employees for remote work

Samples of The Way We Use AIDA

  • Awareness to create curiosity and generate leads 
  • Interest to encourage a prospect to seek out more information
  • Decision to encourage prospects take the opportunity being offered 
  • Action to help prospects become clients and promoters

Awareness -
generate leads 

Our goal is to generate leads through product awareness. Video is our preferred choice. You have pricing options depending on the shoot, subject, and editing.  

Ad - Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding Video

This video focused on a private landing page for doctors.

The goal was to increase their awareness in the value of compounding to address illnesses that didn’t fit the usual prescription model. 

By showing doctors both the care a pharmacist takes in formulating a compound and the impact on the patient it increased the doctor’s awareness of options she or he may not have thought about. 

Facebook - Data Science Course

Facebook Promo Video

This video ran on Facebook to generate curiosity about taking a data analysis course.

The goal was to bring awareness to people who wanted to use data to make a change. However,  they believed they could not do that without an advanced degree, more debt, or a loss of  income while they were studying. 

It was this belief the video challenged, replacing it with a way to act on their desires without excessive costs.

Email Link - Telework Preparation

Advanced Excel Video

This was an email link to a landing page that gave away a free tutorial on a most common advanced excel skill.

The goal was to target the video to people afraid they may not have the  skills to become remote workers within their company.  

Also, it revealed that key concepts they expected to be difficult were not. With a little training they could improve their skills. 



With increased awareness, it's time to increase interest

Curiosity compels an interest to learn more about the product or service. 

These assets help the prospect decide if this is worth exploring. 

Brochure- Compounding Pharmacy

Brochure on Pharmacy Services

This brochure illustrates how one pharmacy found a solution to the challenge doctors have using compounding prescription pads. 

It lays out the problem, the challenges, the solution, and the next steps for interested doctors to take when they want to solve the issues they have without adding time to their current harried routines.

Video Case Study - Data Science Course

Video Case Study on Data Science

This landing page provides a very short video case study of a bank using data to increase trust among clients. 

It lays out the strategy the bank used to integrate multiple data sources into one system that could help tellers interact better with clients. 

Newsletter - Telework Preparation

Specialized Newsletter 

This newsletter informed office employees about what others were doing to make a successful move to telework.

In this example, the newsletter provided the results of a study that measured key variables. New remote workers should understand the impacts they may face as they make their transition.  

Decision - 
TO take the opportunity


You've made your prospect aware and captured their interest. Now it's time to help them make the decision to either take of pass on the opportunity.

We make the offer at this stage. These copy assets cover the usual key elements - trust symbols, guarantees, proof, risk elimination, urgency, and benefit reminders. The key is to meet any objections that may still exist.

The goal is to deal with any remaining challenges that interfere with prospect becoming a client. 


Email - Compounding Pharmacy

Personalized Demo Offer

This is the fourth of seven emails that engage the prospect.

The goal is to meet with the doctor and his staff to show how his prescription pads can be automated to suit compounding. 

In the previous exchange a white-paper on the online compounding prescription system was sent to the doctor. This email asks for a meeting to demonstrate how the pharmacy can integrate into his current prescription process and be easier to complete than most current online prescription services. 

This CTA focused on turning the prospect into a client. 

Hands-On Trial - Data Science Course

Free Trial Offer

This is an internal offer to “Kick the Tires.” with training in advanced excel and Power BI for NBCUniversal.

The goal is to encourage employees ready to learn and repel those who are not. 

The expectation is to select students who will make good promoters when they graduate into the next level of their career.

For those who are potential adopters, the CTA offers a special code to begin the full course. 

Invitation - Telework Preparation


This is a landing page encouraging membership in a ‘Weekly Roundtable.”

The goal is to generate subscribers who want to be part of an inside group.

As part of the tribe, they get advice and insight into the challenges they now face. Other features such as videos each week on advanced topics and the ability to make requests for new videos are used to encourage the sign-up.

The CTA focuses on membership in a closed group that has periodic intakes.


To support The Prospect's Decision to become a client


Now, let's take action. We use several assets to prove you want your prospects to become clients who stay to become friends. 

The long-term goal - to have both active clients and informed prospects make referrals to other prospects. We create product demo videos, guides, technical specs, detailed option sheets and freemiums to encourage them to talk about their engagement with you. 

Demonstration - Compounding Pharmacy


This sample is a walk through of the prototype used in a live meeting. They help guide the working session.

In this meeting, the client can customize the clinic's prescription pads. The salesperson demonstrates the ease of using compounding formulas and the pharmacy's ability to automate the submission process.

The goal is to reveal how easy it is to convert to the compounding pharmacy.

The critical objection often raised is removed by making simple modifications to standard templates.
Next, the process to synchronize the prescription pads with the pharmacies automated system reveals superior quality control, increasing trust.

The CTA is to have the doctor create an account so that all his pads can be customized.

Cart Guide - Data Science Course

Shopping Cart

This sample is a technical review of the shopping cart to minimize abandonment. It is written for the web designers to design carts with higher closer rates. 

The goal is to optimize the elements of the cart and illustrate the several elements that go into the  "one-click" process developed by Amazon. The sale must be easy to complete.

Most client issues are created in this single moment.

The shopping cart in the point at which the customer needs a great deal of support both during and after the sale. The challenge is to make the user experience a happy one.


The CTA is to provide the simplest way to secure the client purchase while getting enough information for the back-end system to create a solid relationship with client after the purchase.  

Invitation - Telework Preparation

Welcome Guide  

This guide is used after the employee has become a remote worker. It is outside the HR function and used to help bridge any unexpected gaps.

The goal is to prepare employees for conversations that happened during the transition. It assists with two key changes.

First, it helps employees adjust to a life outside the office.

Second, it helps supervisors address concerns about managing the work of the employee. 

The CTA is to have both people agree to the path forward and use regular open reviews to manage the shift in environments.