Customers Don’t Stay. Friends Do.

We Serve Companies on a Mission to Change the World

We Start With The  Story

When your home is LA, you’re all about the story. And there is a good reason.  This town is filled with storytellers. Some are film makers. Others are musicians, painters, poets, authors and athletes. 

Each of them has a supporting network of friends to get their story out where others can enjoy it.  And we all enjoy it. We name a lot of things after artists: roads, schools, wings of hospitals, clinics, billboards, university chairs, and even churches. They all tell us both old and new stories. 

It’s easy to strike up a conversation with the waiter, or the homeless person in front of the Home Depot and learn he came here with a guitar, a laptop, keyboard, or a dream. We fill our arenas with spectators, each of us wanting to see a story in the making - one we can tell our friends. 

Even our bankers and lawyers live and die by the story. So it only makes sense we fixate on making stories and building friendships so we have someone to share them with. That is what Pederson Arts is about.

We are an LA team who wants to help companies on a mission to change the world.  

We Make Friends By Sharing Stories

Stories are the way we help others make the changes they want. Everyone wants a better world and we build our lives around those who believe it too. It’s about expanding our collective experience. 

We design our services to use stories to expand our collective being. 

Nobody can tell stories to people who can’t receive them. There are limits. So we create the copy and videos to tell stories only to those ready to change. We segment carefully. Terry is an expert at pulling stories out of data to build narratives laden with proof and rooted in human behavior.

Our clients need to share clear, focused stories. They reach people screaming for something they don’t have, others who search for things to fill their hearts or solve a problem stopping them. We find prospects who want their friends' happiness. 


We Use Three Keys


Our content is based on the assumption that friends are slow in the making. We do not to rush someone to agree to a relationship that may not be right for them.

Churn is not something we want for anyone, so we make sure that these stories set product boundaries.

Shaping stories to inform and deepen interest among those who are searching for solutions gives us joy.


Terry Pederson

Director of Data Science


We believe new video should be as attainable as a book. Our range of video material has a wide range of pricing. 

I create high-end video products. My training and the friends in my network love creating video to tell stories that have real polish.

David provides video at the other end of that spectrum. His short videos come out in a day and tell stories that matter at a smaller cost.

Courtney Pederson

Director of Videography


Our email is our conversation.  Email shouldn’t sell. It should educate and entertain.

It should start a conversation with people searching for change and in need of a friend on their journey. 

Pederson Arts prefers to write email over social media.

Likes and shares can’t engage anyone in a great conversation the way email can. 

David Pederson

Director of Copy Assets and Strategy


We Prove the Facts in Every Story

Terry, as a data scientist, who lives in the studio system, is the doubter. He looks at every claim in terms of proof. Studies are not enough for him. When he writes a data narrative, he fills it with deep insight. 

He is the one that stops clients from making promises they can’t keep. We appreciate that. It gives the stories we tell credibility and power. That validation creates authority and trust.

David Pederson

Director of Copy Assets and Strategy

We Help New Friends Decide

David is the strategist and key writer. He takes every storyline seriously so that when our client presents  his story to his prospects, they want more of what he offers. 

He makes sure our goal is to create new friends for our clients. He wants each client’s prospect to have an experience that makes them want to tell their friends about their decision. 

On our samples page you will see various assets we use in different segments of the marketing funnel. Each one has a purpose - to interrupt a prospect and make them aware - to make them curious. Or give them more information to deepen their interest, help them decide, and ultimately take an action.  

We love creating case studies and white papers.

Case studies are fun for us - we get to talk to happy people and narrate their story so that others see them as peers. Ones who already made the changes needed to improve their lives. 

White papers fill in the details. They provide answers to both unspoken and spoken questions. A well-written paper creates a foundation that inspires confidence. 

We write some white papers to inform, others to paint the landscape. Some papers provide proven tips and answers to the questions that lurk in the shadows. Others solve problems, sharing all the details. They position our clients as a new go-to resource, removing blocks so that things get better, or bigger, or brighter. 


We Help Those Who Are Ready To Take Action

The time comes when our client’s prospects are ready to decide. We make sure they have a sales page tied to what their prospects read. We write to fill in all the blanks, show the benefits of the solution, reduce the risk, hear testimonials, and get assurance, guarantees, and comfort them as they make the move to join the client as a new friend.

After prospects become clients, we stay with you to commit the supporting assets needed to make new friends feel at home and want to tell others about our client. 

Email, help files,  surveys, streamlined customer support scripts, product and process education all go into building a new friendship We want every client’s new friends to end up in ARR numbers more than churn ratios. 

Check Out Our Work

It's time.  

Let us show you a few samples and how we position them to build friends and support the change your products and services make happen. 

We positioned 12 samples in a typical marketing funnel for you to see. To get the link, we ask you share your email. It's no surprise we want to get to know you. Help us make that happen.