So How Do We Make Friends? We'll Share This Story.

The words you use, the way you deliver them, and the voice they are delivered in can change a one-off customer into a long-term friend.  We make them curious, show them your other friends, create empathy, and we don’t push them. We make sure you are clear in what you say, honest in what you can do, and focused on what they need that you can do. 

I’d like to tell you how we made new friends for a Canadian client. I like this client because it took a massive amount of communication strategy to take their customers from frustrated to friendly. And to work them into promoters was where we felt the effort was completely worth it. We've used a pseudonym of TNC to maintain privacy for our client.  

How We Helped TNC Make Friends


We came to TNC to solve the communication issues they had with their customers and call center staff. 

They had acquired a competitor while they were in their own growth phase and were having trouble serving their new customers while retaining their current customers.

Key Problem

TNC made acquisitions that brought them 29 websites and created call-center confusion.

Order fulfillment was lagging, shipping dates were missed, and customer service had no way to resolve issues.

Online sales cart abandonment rates were between 85 and 95%

Solution Goal

We began working with the TNC IT and marketing teams.   

We set two targets:
 1. Lower cart abandonment rates from 95% to 60% for the websites.
2. Decrease resolution rates from the current 6-24 hours to less than 6 hours

We Started with Audit

With 29 sites competing for sales from two distribution centers, we knew we needed to understand the landscape first.

We brought in our Site Audit Tools and conducted audits of 50 checkpoints to measure site messaging for each site. 

A New Message Strategy

Using the audit we wrote a governing document for every site. 

For some of the acquired sites a distinct voice was needed.

We modelled key elements, chose a tone unique to each site, and modified the voice to fit the persona driving the site. 

Interactive Content

We added a new CMS and new interactive landing pages that followed our Messaging Strategy. 

The call-center telephone system was replaced with one that could take its cues from CMS.

New scripts provided an empathetic tone and gave agents choices to align with the customer. 

A New Shopping Cart

We reduced the elements needed in the process from 45 elements to 12.

We wrote content triggers to show customers how close to “Done” they were.

Optional light boxes focused on what the customer needed to do next, and provided an incentive to finish the process.

To Summarize

TNC cart abandonment dropped from 95% to an average of 52%.

Problems got solved within 2 hours instead of 24 hours for 90% of the tickets.

For the detailed case study click below

TNC Customers Went from Frustrated To Friendly

When we started working with TNC we collected many surveys, both live and in written follow-ups. We listened to call-center logs and interview agents to get a sense of their frustrations and a handle on their failures. 

As we implemented our content strategy we heard attitudes in customer service change. Read Irene's comment below. She gave us a typical response when we followed up after she cancelled her order.

By the time we finished, Opal became a much more typical user. Her response below helped TNC see the power of improving process and content together.

The Before:
From our conversation with Irene W prior to implementing the solution

frustrated customer


How would you describe your experience with our website?

Confusing, there are too many options & choices, not very clear. Too much information to look through, searched 4-5 pages for my answers

Irene  W honest in her frustrations

The After:
From our conversation with Opal C after our implementation

happy customer


How would you describe your experience with our website?

It’s been a blessing doing business with you guys, we used a different company in the past but since coming to you guys will never use anyone else. 

Opal C - a new friend and promoter