Video, Conversion Copywriting, and Data Analysis

Assets tailored to clients who are ready to change prospects into clients and clients into friends.

Pederson Arts - Video, Case Studies, Whitepapers to convert prospects into promoters
David Pederson

Pederson Arts USA is unique. We're a family of high achievers skilled in creating video and conversion copy based on analysis of your data stories, even the ones hidden inside your data. 

We want your conversion rates high and your churn rates low. 

David Pederson

Why work with us

We Create:

  • Conversion copy to attract new clients for data products and services. 
  • Interviews to tell your story everywhere
  • Gap Analysis to show you where your data is telling you to look. 
  • Information products to bring your prospects closer to your sales team
  • Video FAQ answers to help new customers convert
  • Customer support videos to increase product usage and reduce churn
  • Staff training videos to help your team impress your clients.
Video Production

We bring lighting, sound, and cameras to your location to interview you in your environment, so your customers get to know you.
While we are there, we capture enough footage to build concise FAQ videos that help your customers feel your support from your media channel and website.
We interview your support team leaders and create tools that you can use to provide a seamless experience for your clients when they call for assistance.

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Data Analytics

Before we arrive, we run your data through our algorithms to create questions based on the needs that drove prospects to seek you out.
Our analytics help you speak directly to your prospects' worries.

You tell our cameras what you do to solve your customers' problems.
We provide you with that report pinpointing what your data knows but has not revealed to you.

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Conversion Copywriting

Our video editing process finds the moments when your leads will feel the value of your services. Then we create the correct information products to help your sales team build relationships.
We help your sales teams by writing copy that makes people feel a need to be part of your tribe.

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Meet The Team

We believe in Seth Godin's approach to sales growth.
We convert prospects by finding your "true stories that, when they intersect with people who want to hear them, change those people for the better."

What our Clients Say

Mary Nicholson


The very best strength David has is his ability to communicate; understand his audience and communicate complex technical issues appropriately. He has a great ability to communicate his passion for what he does and get others excited as well. His written communication is excellent as well as his ability to communicate in front of small groups or large audiences.

Mary Nicholson

Director - Universal Music Group

Lisa Rockford


CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) was a critical, high visibility project with legal and financial consequences for the company. Due to a tight timeline, requirements gathering and documentation needed to be performed at an accelerated rate with high accuracy. David brought a sense of calm to the table while gathering comprehensive research.

Lisa Rockford

Director - Best Buy

Damien Basset


David has a unique understanding of information and the variety of formats that will successfully deliver it. In our desire to tell the story of the Blue Box, David gathered over 17 hours of raw footage detailing the creation of the Blue Box from the originators of the idea and produced a superb 15 minute clip for our AGM. The video received much praise from our members and requests for its use as a communication tool in various corporations associated with CSR.

Damien Bassett

CEO - Corporations Supporting Recycling