Pederson Arts - Video, Case Studies, Whitepapers to convert prospects into promoters


We are storytellers trained in screenwriting by Robert McKee.
We live by McKee's philosophical story forms. They provide battleplans to fight in today's marketing revolution.
Light, sound, script, and story design are our tools. And no, we don't use Zoom to create. We write and design before we set up cameras and lighting.
So, yes, we are more expensive.
But the result is worth it - a story well told through the union of hard work, research, and well-honed craft.


We apply professional engineering skills to our ten years of experience on some of the most extensive data sets in America.
Our clients use us to make their data talk about the people they interact with. It makes them better stakeholders.

Filmmakers and producers use our data skills to test how far a writer's vision might fly.
Financial teams use our expertise to manage participations so that both studios and  talent get their fair share.

inspiration from a chicken


We live by the law of diminishing returns. Repetition, vacuity, and negaphophia destroy good copy.
Our task is to keep our clients away from those suicide pills.
In short, we offend super-sensitive people by writing the truth, create brand criticism by revealing underbellies, and
point at those who cover their asses.
For clients who understand this, we can increase sales. But we are a terrible fit for those who are straight-jacketed with brand insecurity.