Samples of  Long-Form Articles, Case Studies, and Web Sales Letters

Good and Bad Players in Stem Cells 

The story of Deborah Scott, the challenges created by unscrupulous players, the FDA's role in regulating stem cells, the reality of the treatment she needed, and how readers can avoid charlatans. 

Case Study on Tech and Rapid Growth

Most of the time, unexpected success is thought of as a great achievement. But IT systems have a way of making us humble when they can't manage the stain. This case study shows how one company fought it. 

Sample of a Long-Form Web Sales Letter

Everyone deserves second chances. When you move into your fifties, that still remains true. This sales letter persuades those who think it's too late that they can start again and achieve more success the second time around. 

Research Briefs, New Hire Guides, and TV Pilots

Leadership Research

Koan brief on leaders

Leadership can make or break teams. The ripple shows up in products. What you end up buying says a great deal about the company behind it and how effective or ineffective the leaders are.

Onboarding Campaign

Onboarding employees take more than a drip campaign. Years before COVID, employers were preparing remote employees with guides like this one. It advises new hires to navigate the social landscape and still be in front of folks who can help shape a new employee's career. 

Television Pilot


PAVE OVER THE COTTAGE made it to the top 10% of 4500 scripts submitted to the PAGE Awards. It was our first attempt at integrating Robert McKee's story principles into the design of a visual story.