Yeah, You Write. So?

Writing isn't just skill married to technique. Ask any screenwriter who has those things nailed, submits the script, and then enters the void. 

Great copywriting is exactly the same. 

To persuade someone to change takes much more than the steps in a sales letter training program, even with the 10,000 hours of practice you need to put in. 

You need a creative mind that can divorce itself from memes, cliches, popular culture, Then, to say something others find curious or attractive you need data to discover the seeds of truth empowering you to take control. That is where imagination matters. It's time to create. Now you're on your own, ready to fly.

Lastly you need story. To effect real change it takes real story. There is a difference between a boring "jack has a problem, Jill has a solution" case study and that moment when you learn who Luke's father really is. 

With the latter they will change. With the former they move on.


Change favors the writer who is filled with quirks and the imagination to take the client to a better world.