Wondering How I Have Helped Others?

In the last 20 years, I’ve helped many decision-makers grapple with change.

  • Banking executives -  I wrote white papers, case studies, SWOT analysis, and executive summaries.
  • Fast-growing pharmacy chain -  I wrote in-depth analysis, stakeholder briefings, information specifications, training material, and project directives.
  • Large Big-Box retailer - I developed roadmaps to adopt Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.
  • Canadian provincial government - I wrote briefings and specifications to help them convert applications from paper to the web. 
  • Major film studio - I created an Azure platform to help them read data stories from their systems to support their predictive analysis.

How Have These Assets Helped?

They are bridges between consumers who want to end a problem, business leaders with the vision to deliver solutions, and technical folks who can make it all happen.

To build bridges, I create:

  • White Papers - to clarify problems
  • Case Studies - to reveal solutions
  • Sales Letters - to connect solutions
  • Email - to build conversations
  • Videos - to capture attention
Member of the AWAI Circle of Success

AWAI Circle of Success

Did Anyone Value My Help?

In my career, I’ve received a few awards. But there are two that stand out for me.

The Always On Award 
  • Data Integration. I grew into the ‘go-to’ guy to help bring 11 banking mergers and acquisitions on-board. 
The UN Environmental Award
  • Ontario’s Blue Box Program. As part of the winning team, I created annual reports, briefings, decision papers, newsletters, and critical membership communications to bring recycling to Canada.

What Do I Value Most?

My Membership in The Author's Guild and PEN America

Let Me Help You

Life is best spent saying yes. Yes to an idea, yes to something new, yes to trying a different approach, and yes to letting creativity solve hard technical problems. Yes happens because of words, ones that persuade us to take a chance.

Copywriting helps us take a chance on the power of yes.