Videos For Small Business Pharmacies


Before we began to mass manufacture drugs to a one-size-fits-all formula, highly skilled pharmacists used to carefully solve our prescription problems.  This video captures the reason a compounding pharmacist has an advantage in hard to treat cases.

Pill Packets Helping Us Remember

When we are ill, old, or just plain forgetful, we need a bit of help remembering to take certain pills at certain times. Sometimes we even need a special combination to preserve or improve our health. This video shows the brilliance of a Canadian pharmacy who met that challenge.

Social or Not, Canadians Know How to Help

Sometimes it takes just a bit of extra help to keep the ones we love at home and make sure they get the treatment they need without the long drawn-out process of getting help. This home care program is great for us and rewarding for the nurses to step-up to care. 

Videos To Help Learn About Stem Cells

LA Actor Seph Dietlin

Actors in LA can get injured easily and production budgets can be gruelling task masters. In this video Seph Dietlin tells us what stem cells mean to him. This introduced the viewer to the doctors at the New York Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles.

Introducing Dr. Rodney

Rodney impressed me the first time I met him. He has a gift of making the complex simpler to understand. 

He surprised me most when he told me that stem cells are a moment in time when God gives us a hand and it is our duty to heed his call. 

Stem Cells vs Surgery

There are great moments when smart doctors aren't afraid to speak out. We were fortunate to tell their stories. 

We've done over 30 other videos correcting misinformation on stem cells.If you'd like to see more, just use the contact form.