Terry Type Puzzles

Engineering -
Is There Anything Else?  

I confess. I'm a geek and have been for a long time. But, most engineers are like me - excited by new toys - especially puzzles.

I love solving puzzles - most of the time that means using data to answer difficult questions like

“What is the reason we made so much money on this product but this other one failed?”


 “What will happen if I bundle these products together and sell them?”


“Which facts should we use to make the best predictions for next weeks sales?”

But other times, puzzles show us something else that builds trust or verifies what someone else is blasting out as the truth.
That is where I have the most fun and why I love Pederson Arts.
I get to question every assumption and dig into it until I can provide statistical certainty or tell the others we must walk away from a client.

And my treat for doing this?  

I love that moment when I find someone who shares that same curiosity but doesn't have the skill. If they have the desire, I can train them. And I love seeing that light go on when they get it.

It's  where I fit here.

I do two things well. First, train people to become great analysts and prove the assumptions of future clients.
It makes the assets we build strong. Sure, change has to be emotional, but when people hesitate to leap, I'm there to show that things will be ok.
I don't let them leap until I've given everything I have to create a strong safety net - just in case.
And my most enormous pleasure? Seeing them not use it because it turned out ok.